We need your help

Quadri K. is 12 years old and since nursery school he and his family have been assisted by St Kizito team. At a very early age he started having sight issues and he is now partially blind.  Recent medical examination diagnosed a Craniopharyngioma: this is a mass at the base of the skull, compressing the brain and affecting the pituitary gland. The damage of this tumor comes mainly from the compression of close structures in the brain, becoming worse and even treathening his life. The damage to the pituitary gland causes hormonal dysfunction, with small stature, dysfunction to the cortisol system, thyroid, sexual development. The mass caused the damage to the eyes.

A surgery, even if it implies great risks, can be a life-saving treatment for Quadri.

We need your help to raise the funds for the surgery and for the post-op treatments.

Get in touch with us for more details and to help Quadri.

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